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Someone buy this for me.

Posted 16 Jul 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category retail therapy

It’s the shirt describing my sign and people like me. I NEED it.

Thanks to Karyn for making me want this. Once again…I am following in your fashionista footsteps.

I Miss Martini.

Posted 10 Jul 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category blog bidnass

Fellow blogger Lesli inquired about my dear friend Martini and the whereabouts of her blog.

Well, fellow bloggers, someone committed the mortal sin of blogging. Someone sent her blog to Italy. Needless to say he initially didn’t take it well. Who would do such a thing? Who knows Martini (and Italy) well enough to be such a douche? That question remains unanswered. I wish I had enough sleuthing skills to figure it out, but I don’t. In any case, she chose to delete her blog for fear this unnamed person might pass it along to others in her life. (I swear, if I ever find out who did this, their ass is grass.)

I miss Martini’s writing. She’s promised to come back again someday.

Martini – I hope you don’t mind my divulging this to the public. Inquiring minds want to know!

I have a wonderful hubby.

Posted 08 Jul 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category marriage, The Hubs

I just had to air this publicly.

Yesterday I was crabbier than can be when I came home from work. (I blame impending PMS.) I came home and slept for an hour, and when he came home I was still kind of crabby. Possibly without even realizing it, he made me laugh (repeatedly) and memories of my bad day had disappeared.

You’re a good man, Mr. Hubs, without even realizing it. It truly is the little things that count.

[end mushiness]

On a side note…I have an appointment for a consultation at Uptown Tattoo tonight. :)

Holy Crapskie.

Posted 07 Jul 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category RAD

What a weekend.

I’ll begin at the beginning.

The hubs and I spent Thursday evening and Friday morning prepping the house for our 4th of July BBQ. Right about 4:00pm, our first guests arrived. Then they all slowly began to arrive. We had an awesome turnout. I got drunk. For the first time in a while. So, if anyone who reads this showed up and I didn’t say hi to you…it was cause I was in the bag. :) We all took turns playing Cornhole and Nutwrap, and also took turns emptying the keg. As the night progressed, we had a fire in an outdoor firepit on loan from the hubs’ parents. At some point, a fire started in the grass below the firepit. At another point, someone broke one of our wineglasses and decided it should go in the firepit. Then the hubs went to bed (drunkies). Later, someone wised up, pulled the glass out of the fire, yet left it on the sidewalk. At the same time as the hubs getting up to eh, relieve the contents of his stomach (on the front steps of our house), there were dudes in my bathtub trying to mend the hole in one of their feet due to misc. glass being left on the sidewalk. (You still with me here?) So, while I should have been checking on my husband, I was playing nurse in the bathtub and trying to find antibiotic ointment for this dude’s foot.

Eventually, everyone left.

The next morning, our backyard was nothing short of a crime scene. Bottle rocket remnants, burned up yard, and blood all over the sidewalk. Lucky for me, I stopped drinking at about 11pm the night before and had begun cleaning things up, so not much was needed the next day. (Aside from hosing blood and some barf off our sidewalks.) This turned out to be a good idea, since we had made last minute plans to go to a cabin 2 hours away. The hubs woke up, still drunk I presume – we packed, showered and headed out. Spent the day out on a boat on a lake with friends, and somehow more beer. It was lovely. Got back yesterday, and didn’t do anything I was hoping, like a load of laundry and mopping the kitchen floor. I guess I’ll do that tonight. :)


Posted 03 Jul 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
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So, I watched So You Think You Can Dance last night. (Despite my hatred for a certain judge on that show.) And…I’m hooked. *sigh* I suppose it’s a good thing since Ghost Hunters is in reruns (and I HATE Ghost Hunters International).

Other than that, I got some laundry done last night. And tonight, it is a cleaning, house prepping extravaganza. We’re having a get together at our house tomorrow for the 4th – our first official BBQ. We get a keg of High Life and everything! Should be fun. But, Ms. Anal Retentive will be in full effect beforehand, since there’s a handful of people coming over who have never seen the house.