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I mean…

Posted 30 Apr 2013 — by Mrs. Jenna
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Cats & Justin Timberlake. I’m nearing a trifecta here.

Batten down the hatches.

Posted 27 Feb 2012 — by Mrs. Jenna
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Apparently there’s a big (snow?) storm headed our way. A couple days ago they were forecasting up to 12 inches of snow. Now? 1-4 inches. Boo. I mean, I suppose it’s good, but man, it’s always “OMG SNOW EVERYWHERE DEATH DESTRUCTION LOOK OUTTTT SNOWWWWW!” And then, “JK. Get out your brooms!” It’s fine though. We’re planning on heading to my parents house this weekend, so the less weather we’re dealing with, the better.

Fiona had her first trip to the vet today. I had my first trip to the vet with a toddler. And a cat in a kennel. It wasn’t too bad, but I give a lot of the credit to the vet we go to – a cats only vet. It’s very laid back and clean, and almost homey. Fiona got a clean bill of health, and they think she’s closer to 1 year rather than 3 months shy of 2. She’s still a total rock star kitty and I just want to squeeze her all the time.

And a flight has been booked to visit my bestie Martini in a little over 3 weeks. I haven’t visited her in a while and I am so excited to be in warm weather! It’s essentially going to be a 60 hour sleepover. Boys not allowed. However, Pixie-stix and simultaneous Pinterest pinning are. I can’t wait.

Brain Vomit.

Posted 24 Feb 2012 — by Mrs. Jenna
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Items of note:

I broke down and bought an expo & party pass for BlogHer this year in NYC. HECK YES. I was just going to pass on this year, but then I thought about not seeing my lovelies that I only get to see once a year and suddenly my checking account had $100 less dollars in it. I have roommates and just reserved a room. Ahhh! AUGUST!


My entire family is sick with yet another cold. I was on the tail end of it until I had to stay up all night for a work thing (yay midnight site launches!) and now I’m sick as an effing dog today. I’m thisclose to giving a nettie pot a try, although it combines my fear of bodily fluids and drowning in one little plastic device. We’ll see. Until then I’m sticking with Sudafed. (And not that fake over the counter stuff. The real shit you have to ask the pharmacist for. You know, the stuff that rednecks and college kids make meth with.) The hubs sounded like hell this morning and Abbers is still coughing all over everything. My house should probably be quarantined.


I have to splurge and yell *somewhere* about the fact that I get to be involved in TWO WEDDINGS this year! I’m a Matron of Honor in one and a Personal Attendant (yes, that needs capitalization) in another. I’m so stoked. I’ve never really been involved in a wedding before, aside from my own and my Auntie’s. I’m going to personally attend the shit out of one and make even the manliest men cry magical unicorn tears with my Matron of Honor speech at the other. Bitches get ready.

(I should also mention that I have requested to be listed as the “Lady of Honor” or the “Dutchess of Honor” in any printed materials because HOLY SHIT does “matron of honor” sound dowdy and old. I may be in my 30s but I don’t wear broaches or housecoats.)

(I do wear cardigans and old lady glasses though. Whatever.)


Another member of my family has been diagnosed with breast cancer – my Great Aunt Georgia. She’s 93 years young. So far, my mom (and myself, I suppose) is the only woman in the family untouched by cancer. She’s standing by my Aunt Georgia’s side through this, after being by my Aunt Mitzi’s side, and my late Aunt Julie’s. If you could say a prayer or something for her to give her and my Great Aunt strength through this, it would be appreciated.


And ending on a brighter note, my family grew by one more, recently.

Internets, meet Fiona.

cute kitty ftw

We adopted her from a metro area Humane Society and I freaking love her to bits. Above is a picture of her laying on the couch being cuter than anything on the planet. She’s tiny, loves attention and is so gentle and forgiving with Abby.

The hubs and I really missed having a kitty around the house and had gone back and forth about getting another one. We both decided before looking that it needed to be a girl this time (due to all the basement peeing we went through with Boo-Boo, one of our last cats) and that she had to be good with a toddler yelling and grabbing at her. (We’re working on that.) She was all of these things. Fiona (also known as Fi-fi and Feefers) has the tiniest meow and is a cat-nip addict. Did I mention I luff her? Because I do. I think we all do.


Alright, that’s all I have for now. I’m still working on trying to get my blogging mojo back. Like my mom said, “You’d better start blogging more if you’re going to New York this summer!”

Tru dat, mom. TRU DAT.

This will be funny someday.

Posted 17 Oct 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
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Scene: Saturday morning. My basement. Recently refinished with new flooring, and remodeled bathroom.

Players: Myself, and my friend who’s been helping me for the past few weeks with said bathroom.

He hasn’t been over since the floors were finished and I’ve painted the bathroom. Today we are just wrapping things up – putting the toilet back and installing the sink and vanity. Needless to say, I’m SO EXCITED to show him how good it looks.

Me: OMG! Doesn’t it look awesome! Now, come look at the bathroom. It looks so good, doesn’t it?!

Him: Uh…is that supposed to be there? (maybe not what he said because OMG I can’t remember specifics at this point)

Me: What?

He points to the floor behind me, underneath the laundry sink.

I look down, and see this:

Thats not a mouse.




Okay, I don’t care that it’s dead WHATHEMUTHEREFFINGHELL is a RAT DOING IN MY HOUSE?! !?

At this point, I’m like, hyperventilating, jumping all over the place and trying to form complete sentences but HOW CAN I WITH A RAT RIGHT THERE. My friend is just laughing and also being slightly grossed out and simply cracking up because I was all “Look at my beautiful basement!” totally oblivious to the dead animal with a 12 inch tail inches from my feet.

Once I gained enough composure to start breathing, I thought long and hard about how we could have gotten an animal THAT SIZE in our house, and how I didn’t notice. Then I remembered the gaping hole in the floor where the toilet usually sits. We had stuffed paper towels in it 3 weeks before so the sewer fumes wouldn’t stink the house up. I looked in the bathroom – paper towel is no longer in the hole. This thing swam through the sewer (vomitvomitbarfGROSS) and somehow ended up in my basement.

Wait. I should pause this story to add the following sad sidenote: We had to put our cat Boo-boo down on Friday. He had come down with the same disease that was our cat Miles’ ultimate demise. He was getting really sick and we just needed to take care of it before it got out of hand. It was super sad, and we were lucky enough that the sister-in-law was able to be with him when he was put down. (I was at work, and the hubs couldn’t bear to do it – he did it with Miles and couldn’t do it again.) We’ll miss you Bubs. :(

It dawned on the hubs and I that more than likely, before Boo went to the scratching post in the sky, that he must have killed this rat. I shit you not when I say this rat was half the size of Boo. Like, no effing joke. And Boo killed it. Even as sick as he was, he was still defending his territory.

I told my dad about what happened. His response? Good luck getting your mother over to your house again.

Odds and ends.

Posted 30 Sep 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
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This is going to be a post of randoms, because I can’t conjure up anything to make a cohesive post. ADD, party of one.

  • My pelvis is going to break in two. This just started being yet another awesome 3rd Trimester feeling on Monday. I can only assume it’s because I chose to take the train for the first time in a few weeks, and since it was 5 o’clock, no one felt the need to get off their lazy ass and offer an 8 months pregnant lady their seat. I then thought it’d be a good idea to stand in the kitchen and make chicken cacciatore. Then my pelvis split in half. And has been ever since. (Not familiar with the pain? You know the horrid pain of a groin pull? It’s that. But ALL THE TIME. Awesome, right?)
  • I got my first prenatal massage over the weekend. It was HEAVENLY. It also went by too quickly. They have this pregnancy pillow that allows the belleh to be cushioned and supported while I get to LAY ON MY STOMACH. It was the best feeling ever. Like, almost enough where I want to go out and buy my own…even if I only use it for 4 more weeks because the sensation of not having any weight on my back was EPIC.
  • The hubs is still on the mend. We spent a good portion of the pre-daylight hours in the ER on Saturday morning since his kidney doc – let’s refer to him as Dr. Douchebag – refused to give him enough paid meds to last the weekend. I have never seen my husband in that amount of pain EVER…and I hope to never see it again. But, the docs and nurses at the hospital (the one I’ll be delivering at) were the bees knees and did everything they could to make him free of pain and determine why he was in so much pain. They’d accomplished in a little over 5 hours more than Dr. Douchebag had done in a week. Anyway – the hubs is slowly getting better and his spirits are better too, which is most important! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear!
  • The cat has found his way into the crib. This is something I’m not pleased with, but mostly need to blame myself for. My crowning achievement of assembling the IKEA shelves for the baby’s room has resulted in our jerky cat Boo-boo now having a launching pad into the crib…where before he couldn’t haul his fat ass over the railing. So, I must move the shelves away from the crib, which makes me sad because I LIKE where they are now and don’t WANNA put them on the other wall. I’m considering buying balloons and attempting the “balloon + cat claws = scurred cat” trick to see if that helps.

So that’s your midweek update. :) Enjoy.