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Things are looking up…slightly.

Posted 28 Sep 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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Well, after receiving a copy of my lease from our landlord, examining it and then having my fabulous Uncle Greg (fancy lawyer in San Fran) take a look at it, it seems we may move out whenever we want to (with 60 days notice) but if it’s during the winter we’ll forfeit our deposit. W. As long as we can get out of there when we find a house, I could give a shite.

So, the hunt continues.

Had a fun night last night, went out for happy hour beverages with some coworkers and then came home to watch the hour premiere of the Office. Thank GOD it’s the new fall season of all my favorite shows.

Tomorrow we’ll be house hunting, and then going to the hubs’ grandpa’s house to show him our wedding album. Then, a little birthday soirĂ©e for the hubs and I at Herkimer, VFW, and maybe The Front. Can’t get too drunk, we have early dinner plans with the hubs’ folks, and his sister and brother-in-law for the hubs & his Dad’s birthday. (Happy birthday Mike!)

And, at some point this weekend, we need to clean our apartment, do dishes, and laundry. AND write thank you notes for the wedding. Christ. Not to mention I’m working nonstop on a project for work (well, aside from right now). I need two more of me.

Does shit hit the fan in threes?!

Posted 26 Sep 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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So, the house that we loved and put an offer on, well…we didn’t get it. The older couple living there decided that they in fact do not want to move. *sigh* This is our 3rd attempt in a year to buy a house.

AND to make our day yesterday the worst possible, we ran into our landlord and let him know we were house hunting and his response was “I hope you’re planning on buying in the spring cause you’re not moving until then.” Apparently there’s a clause in the lease binding us not to move during November through the end of February. Five more months in our tiny apartment?! I don’t know if I can take much more. Calgon take me away!!!

I hate home buying.

Posted 25 Sep 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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So, I haven’t posted in a few days, so I’ll stop by here long enough to post this:

We found a house on Saturday that we LOVE. Two houses down from my dear friend Leslie and in NE Minneapolis, a very up and coming neighborhood. So…after careful consideration, we put an offer on said house on Sunday. We’re stoked. We’ve only gotten this far once before, and that was a very low offer on a very expensive house about a year ago. (We didn’t stand a chance, and we knew it.) This was our first offer where we actually felt comfortable with the terms and mortgage payment, and felt we had a good chance – this was their first offer on the house, and it had been on the market for 2 months.

Well, as of right now, we’re more than likely NOT getting the house because the old people that live there seem to have decided that now, since they got their first and ONLY offer, that maybe they don’t want to move anymore. WHAT? I mean, I just don’t get it. I cried like, 3 times yesterday; as much as I tried not to get attached to the house or start making my mental plans for the place, I did. And so I got really upset.

The worst part is, it’s not quite over yet. This is a band aid being pulled off at a snail’s pace. Their Realtor is going to talk to them some more today to try to convince them to sell, or at least counter our offer or something. I mean, their response to our offer was, “Oh that’s nice, but we don’t really want to deal with this now.”

In any case, we should know the final word today. I’m so irritated and crabby and sad.

Inspiration & a Disclaimer

Posted 12 Sep 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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A friend, who shall remain nameless, has inspired me to keep this up like I used to back in the day. I used to have a website of my own where I’d bitch and moan about stuff too, and it’s since been erased. So, instead of keeping this blog boring with reports about houses and “building a life together” type information, it’s just going to be a blog about me. The hubs doesn’t (and seemingly won’t) contribute, so I may as well say what I want to about everything and anything.

So, as a disclaimer, if I offend anyone in posts to follow this one, my apologies. Sort of. If you’re reading this chances are you know what a sarcastic beeotch I can tend to be…and if you don’t know me…you’ll get a good gist of me going forward.

PS – I watched the Perez Hilton show on VH1 last night, and that and the Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style are tied in first for my favorite new shows on TV.

PPS – Back to the boring house hunting stuff – the hubs found a house online today that could quite possibly be “the one.” We’re looking at it tonight. Fingers crossed, all three of you that read this!

It’s Tuesday.

Posted 11 Sep 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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Yep, boring post title for a non-eventful day. The home buying itch has reached it’s peak right now. I just want to be in OUR house. I say our house because I haven’t settled on any of the ones we’ve looked at. We’re looking again tomorrow. Also we’re officially preapproved (by our previous mortgage lady – we missed her and went back!) so…all we need now is a house. :)

In non-house related news, my birthday is Thursday (boring 27!) and then this weekend we’re going to my folks house and taking in a Brewers game Saturday night. It’ll be nice and chilly. :)