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House hunting report.

Posted 06 Sep 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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Well, we looked at a bunch of houses in Richfield last night. One was a slight possibility, but…I dunno. The backyard was AWESOME – huge with a fire pit. It had a dining room (nearly impossible to find in houses in our price range, or of houses that we seem to look at) and a “finished” basement that needed a little work. But, it had everything we wanted. HOWEVER, the bedrooms were TINY, and there were only two. The “master bedroom” had a full size bed in it, and that was a tight fit. Considering I registered for stuff for the hubs’ queen size bed – our room will at least have to be able to fit that. :) So, back to the drawing board. Not to mention I didn’t have the feeling in that house, like that was it. I AM supposed to get that feeling, right?

Anyway, we’re going to try to go out again on Saturday with Mary Jane, our Realtor, and then open houses on Sunday.

I’m secretly hoping that my unspoken plan of living in a new house by Halloween comes true. But, I’m not going to sell ourselves short with a lame house in exchange. :)

Happy Humpday.

Posted 05 Sep 2007 — by Mrs. Jenna
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I attempted to have the hubs join me in “blogging” but he apparently doesn’t want to. I’ll keep working on him. :)

Tonight we’re going on our first official house hunt as a married couple. We went to some open houses a couple weeks ago and everything sucked, so now we’ll give it a whirl with our Realtor. As much as I would like for us to live in Minneapolis, everything it seems like we’re going to look at is in Richfield. It’d have to be a pretty fancy house for me to move to Richfield I think. Houses are more affordable in Richfield…but I LIKE living in Minneapolis. I suppose I should just shut up until we actually look at stuff.

The rest of the week will include (here’s hoping) a massive cleaning of our apartment, thank you notes, and more house hunting. :)