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8 weeks.

Posted 31 Mar 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category baby business

Lack of bloat photo coming soon…

How far along? 8 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: – 2. Eating is not working so well lately.
Maternity clothes? Still only wearing lounge pants. The mat shirt looked ridiculous on me.

Stretch marks? No.

Sleep: Getting lame. I wake up a lot, and last week I officially began getting up to pee in the middle of the night.

Best moment this week: Seeing the little smudge on the screen! (smudge is the new nickname, thanks to my auntie Mitzi)

Movement: Nope.

Food cravings:
None, really. I’ve been feeling pretty sick lately, so nothing sounds good.
Gender: I’m still wishing girl but thinking boy.

Labor Signs:
Belly Button in or out?
What I miss: I still miss feeling normal. This week has been rough.

What I am looking forward to: Hospital tour on Saturday.

Weekly Wisdom:
None, really. I wish I had some regarding a miracle cure for feeling shitty.
Seeing and hearing the heartbeat!

The weekend.

Posted 30 Mar 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category baby business, cancer sucks, not so much

Well, I had pretty much 2.5 days of no computer while I was home visiting my grandma and family…so that is why I’ve had a lack of updates.

Grandma is not doing well, but she’s still talking and bossing people like she is. I kept it together while I was in her hospital room, but promptly lost it once I was clear. There were so many people in the room that I couldn’t just spend time with her and tell her how much I love her. I’m planning on writing her a letter in the next couple of days just so I can fully express everything to her before she’s gone.

I did tear up a bit when we were saying goodbye – the hubs leaned in to give her a kiss and she just said – “YOU TAKE CARE OF HER! I MEAN IT!” in her usual bossy voice, but she really did mean it. And that’s what got me started with the tears.

Anyway, it was my first real experience of being out with people when everyone knew I was pregnant. I have learned that I don’t like being the center of attention. Every time people would talk about “the baby” it would just make me incredibly uncomfortable. I’m not quite sure why…I think it really is because it is still early. Everyone is so excited and happy and feeling like the baby is going to change the luck in our family…and I keep thinking – I still have a month before I can let myself really be happy. That sucks.

I also had my first real case of the crabbies. I was so effing crabby Saturday night (I think it was lack of sleep and all the baby talk at dinner) that I nearly killed someone. Also, being sober around a bunch of drunk family members may have had an impact. Regardless, I was so farking tired by the time we got home I was nearly in tears. And I slept for a long, long time.

Back away from Etsy…

Posted 27 Mar 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category baby business, retail therapy

I bought two baby blankets yesterday on Etsy.


Good god. This is going to be a long and expensive 9 months. :)

Here they are – each link to the store I bought them from.

Oh happy day!

Posted 26 Mar 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category baby business, other people are morons

We started today out with sleeping in a little late, and then heading to the clinic to see the babe. It was not without a scare, but what in my life is?

The u/s tech got me started with the tummy kind, and I was already thinking I was getting the dildocam. So…she starts looking around and then says “How far along do you think you are?” And I’m all “about 7 weeks, though my LMP would have me around 8.”

So jerkface says “Oh, you’re much much earlier than that. Maybe 5 or 6 weeks AT THE MOST. We’ll have to use the internal.”

Insert expressionless emotion here.

I was like….”uh, NO. I’m 7 weeks. I know when I ovulated.” Then I started to panic and began asking all sorts of questions that she returned with only a confused look and said “We’ll know what we have when we see it, mmmkay?”

Insert pissed off emoticon here.

So the hubs is just sitting there all sorts of uncomfortable as the tech lubes up the dildocam and tells me to “insert it into my vagina” (ha) and she begins to measure my ovaries. Uhm, thanks – could you just get to the baby please?

And then, there it was. The babe. And the heartbeat, flickering on the screen. I’m pretty sure I released an audible gasp, and my eyes welled up with tears.

The little bee was measuring 7 weeks, and it’s heart was beating away at 143 bpm. Then she focused in on the heart and we got to actually hear it.

It was insane. The fact that my body is supporting two heartbeats completely blows my mind.

She was nothing but kind after this point. (She even gave me the “you were right” response I was looking for. I’m kind of an ass.) Everything looked perfect!

No, that’s not a peanut, it’s a baby.

And to top it off, I feel pretty decent today. Like night and day from yesterday. Seabands are back to being my friend.

Notes from a Wednesday.

Posted 25 Mar 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category baby business

1.) Fuck nausea. I’ve had it with this already. I know that I am supremely lucky to not actually be vomiting, but damn, this sucks.

The SeaBands are not doing the trick anymore. So, I am trying Meclizine, which is basically Dramamine. I do feel slightly better, and feel if I took one more (which is fine since you can take up to two in a day) I’d be feeling stellar – but they cause drowsiness. I am tired already due to growing another human. Now I’m a little more tired due to a sleepy medication. To take one more would be like saying “It’s totally cool to pass out at your computer at work. Just rest your head on the spacebar and all will be well.” Zzzzzz…

2.) We’ve suddenly scheduled a trip back home to see my grandmother this weekend. If you read my other blog, you’d know she’s not doing well. She’s been in the hospital since Monday, due to nausea and pain associated with her cancer. My aunt and uncle and a cousin are all flying home to be with her this weekend. It just seems like the right thing to do. What sucks is that I know she knows what this means. We just went through these same motions less than a year ago with my aunt. When everyone rushes home, it’s not good.

On Monday I gave my mom the go-ahead to tell my grandma the good news about the baby. I was so worried about her passing before I could tell her – I just wanted her to know. I plan on bringing her a picture of her great-grandbaby when I come home. Maybe it’ll help her pull through.

3.) The super sensitive sniffer is now in full force. I can smell BO in my workroom suddenly. This guy never stunk before, and now…VOMIT CITY.

4.) The BO smell and my nausea are causing me to forget that our first u/s is tomorrow! I need to focus on that.