Notes from a Wednesday.

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Posted 25 Mar 2009 in baby business

1.) Fuck nausea. I’ve had it with this already. I know that I am supremely lucky to not actually be vomiting, but damn, this sucks.

The SeaBands are not doing the trick anymore. So, I am trying Meclizine, which is basically Dramamine. I do feel slightly better, and feel if I took one more (which is fine since you can take up to two in a day) I’d be feeling stellar – but they cause drowsiness. I am tired already due to growing another human. Now I’m a little more tired due to a sleepy medication. To take one more would be like saying “It’s totally cool to pass out at your computer at work. Just rest your head on the spacebar and all will be well.” Zzzzzz…

2.) We’ve suddenly scheduled a trip back home to see my grandmother this weekend. If you read my other blog, you’d know she’s not doing well. She’s been in the hospital since Monday, due to nausea and pain associated with her cancer. My aunt and uncle and a cousin are all flying home to be with her this weekend. It just seems like the right thing to do. What sucks is that I know she knows what this means. We just went through these same motions less than a year ago with my aunt. When everyone rushes home, it’s not good.

On Monday I gave my mom the go-ahead to tell my grandma the good news about the baby. I was so worried about her passing before I could tell her – I just wanted her to know. I plan on bringing her a picture of her great-grandbaby when I come home. Maybe it’ll help her pull through.

3.) The super sensitive sniffer is now in full force. I can smell BO in my workroom suddenly. This guy never stunk before, and now…VOMIT CITY.

4.) The BO smell and my nausea are causing me to forget that our first u/s is tomorrow! I need to focus on that.

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