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So, so tired.

Posted 29 Jan 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category not so much

I had a vivid dream-filled night last night, which pretty much prevented me from getting ANY decent sleep.

The first dream was extremely frightening. I don’t recall exactly what happened, but I woke up with a gasp, and sat straight up in bed. I was sweating, and it was only 12:30. I’d only been asleep for a little over 90 minutes. Lamesauce.

The next dream was long. It involved Johnny Knoxville, Anthony Bourdain, a ghetto cruiser, and me not having my passport at the airport with only 15 minutes before our flight to Mexico took off. Johnny and Mr Bourdain were in charge of driving me home as fast as they could to get my passport, but they took a turn and tried to off-road with the ghetto cruiser (don’t ask me what the hell is going on). Needless to say, I get back to the airport with my passport, hand it over, and the gate person says it’s not mine. And sure enough, it was one of my best friend’s EXPIRED passport instead. To sum it up, it was your average anxiety dream. I usually get them a few weeks before a big trip. FOUR weeks ahead of the trip is a little much.

Anyway, this dream caused me to wake up absolutely SOAKED with sweat. My shirt and pillow were pretty much damp and gross. I changed t-shirts and went back to bed. It was 4:30.

I woke up again at 6am, just randomly…then the alarm went off 30 minutes later.

Flop. I’m so tired. Today, my only task at work is to write my self-appraisal for my annual review. And it’s the most DIFFICULT THING EVER. I mean, writing about myself is no problem, but tooting my horn is a little more difficult when I have to recall everything I’ve accomplished at work for a whole effing year.

I did the math.

Posted 27 Jan 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category I am a moron

And I’m ashamed.

Over $14,000 in credit card debt. Some was a necessary evil (cats getting ill). Some was for fun (a few vacations and whatnot). Most I don’t remember anymore.

However, I’m realizing that I’m done. No more credit cards. I’m taking them out of my wallet, and they’re being deposited into the famed block of ice.

The husband and I have discussed our debt, and to us, any sort of “family expansion” should really wait until we have the majority of this paid off. Which not only breaks my heart, but makes me kick myself because I mostly got us into this mess and now I have to find a way to get us out.

I’ve been paying it down as much as possible, but it’s not doing much. Once the hubby’s dream job really kicks in, we’ll make a bigger dent. But I’m still worried that a year from now, I’ll still be staring at those goddamn balances wondering when we’ll ever get out of debt.

So, since other bloggers have somehow managed to wrangle some additional cash via their blogs, I’m doing it too.

This is not tax deductible. This is simply you loving me, and loving me enough to help a lady out. :)

Yeah, this is totally lame and rude and probably the worst idea ever, but I’m doing it. Mostly because, shy of cashing out my 401K…I don’t know how we’ll ever pay all of this off. I’ll be making updates to our debt totals bi-weekly.

Uh….Marisa Tomei?

Posted 26 Jan 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category other people are morons

WTF are you wearing? And what did you do to your hair?!

(I’m watching the SAG awards.)

Resolution #1 – FAIL.

Posted 26 Jan 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category marriage, other people are awesome, The Hubs

Wow. I’m all, “I’m gonna blog more!” and then 12 days pass and I don’t even bother. Dammit.

So, anyway…VEGAS! I had TONS of fun. The temperatures managed to stay above normal (read ALMOST 70 degrees!), and I managed not to lose my ass gambling. I did nearly lose my ass shopping.

Lessons Learned: Vegas edition.

1. It doesn’t matter how “comfortable” I seem to think my pointy Chinese Laundry heels are…THEY ARE THE DEVIL. I went out two nights in a row wearing those shoes, and was nearly crippled from them. They are cute though…but…THE DEVIL.

2. Just because they’re penny slots doesn’t mean I can’t blow through $20 in ten minutes. And just because my friends are winning doesn’t mean that I will too.


4. Five days and four nights in Vegas is borderline too much.

5. Don’t ever under-estimate the husband again. I was so tired and cranky from traveling and assumed the worst when I got home. Instead, I came home to a clean house and snuggling. Just what the doctor ordered. :)

So, that about wraps it up. It was super fun. Must do it again sometime. But with the husband instead.

Also, in late breaking news, we booked a trip to Mexico in a month! Can we afford it? NO! But we’re going with my parents, and it will be tons of fun I’m sure. (You have to know my parents to trust me when I say we’re going to have fun.)

I guess I should add:

Resolution #4 – FAIL.


Ann Coulter Farking SUCKS.

Posted 13 Jan 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category other people are morons

Now, she’s on my list. I hated her before, but now I just want nothing more than to throat punch her.

Ann Coulter on the View