I did the math.

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Posted 27 Jan 2009 in I am a moron

And I’m ashamed.

Over $14,000 in credit card debt. Some was a necessary evil (cats getting ill). Some was for fun (a few vacations and whatnot). Most I don’t remember anymore.

However, I’m realizing that I’m done. No more credit cards. I’m taking them out of my wallet, and they’re being deposited into the famed block of ice.

The husband and I have discussed our debt, and to us, any sort of “family expansion” should really wait until we have the majority of this paid off. Which not only breaks my heart, but makes me kick myself because I mostly got us into this mess and now I have to find a way to get us out.

I’ve been paying it down as much as possible, but it’s not doing much. Once the hubby’s dream job really kicks in, we’ll make a bigger dent. But I’m still worried that a year from now, I’ll still be staring at those goddamn balances wondering when we’ll ever get out of debt.

So, since other bloggers have somehow managed to wrangle some additional cash via their blogs, I’m doing it too.

This is not tax deductible. This is simply you loving me, and loving me enough to help a lady out. :)

Yeah, this is totally lame and rude and probably the worst idea ever, but I’m doing it. Mostly because, shy of cashing out my 401K…I don’t know how we’ll ever pay all of this off. I’ll be making updates to our debt totals bi-weekly.

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