Happy Humpday.

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Posted 05 Sep 2007 in The Hubs, uncategorized

I attempted to have the hubs join me in “blogging” but he apparently doesn’t want to. I’ll keep working on him. :)

Tonight we’re going on our first official house hunt as a married couple. We went to some open houses a couple weeks ago and everything sucked, so now we’ll give it a whirl with our Realtor. As much as I would like for us to live in Minneapolis, everything it seems like we’re going to look at is in Richfield. It’d have to be a pretty fancy house for me to move to Richfield I think. Houses are more affordable in Richfield…but I LIKE living in Minneapolis. I suppose I should just shut up until we actually look at stuff.

The rest of the week will include (here’s hoping) a massive cleaning of our apartment, thank you notes, and more house hunting. :)

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