Things are looking up…slightly.

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Posted 28 Sep 2007 in uncategorized

Well, after receiving a copy of my lease from our landlord, examining it and then having my fabulous Uncle Greg (fancy lawyer in San Fran) take a look at it, it seems we may move out whenever we want to (with 60 days notice) but if it’s during the winter we’ll forfeit our deposit. W. As long as we can get out of there when we find a house, I could give a shite.

So, the hunt continues.

Had a fun night last night, went out for happy hour beverages with some coworkers and then came home to watch the hour premiere of the Office. Thank GOD it’s the new fall season of all my favorite shows.

Tomorrow we’ll be house hunting, and then going to the hubs’ grandpa’s house to show him our wedding album. Then, a little birthday soirĂ©e for the hubs and I at Herkimer, VFW, and maybe The Front. Can’t get too drunk, we have early dinner plans with the hubs’ folks, and his sister and brother-in-law for the hubs & his Dad’s birthday. (Happy birthday Mike!)

And, at some point this weekend, we need to clean our apartment, do dishes, and laundry. AND write thank you notes for the wedding. Christ. Not to mention I’m working nonstop on a project for work (well, aside from right now). I need two more of me.

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