Batten down the hatches.

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Posted 27 Feb 2012 in motherhood, the cats

Apparently there’s a big (snow?) storm headed our way. A couple days ago they were forecasting up to 12 inches of snow. Now? 1-4 inches. Boo. I mean, I suppose it’s good, but man, it’s always “OMG SNOW EVERYWHERE DEATH DESTRUCTION LOOK OUTTTT SNOWWWWW!” And then, “JK. Get out your brooms!” It’s fine though. We’re planning on heading to my parents house this weekend, so the less weather we’re dealing with, the better.

Fiona had her first trip to the vet today. I had my first trip to the vet with a toddler. And a cat in a kennel. It wasn’t too bad, but I give a lot of the credit to the vet we go to – a cats only vet. It’s very laid back and clean, and almost homey. Fiona got a clean bill of health, and they think she’s closer to 1 year rather than 3 months shy of 2. She’s still a total rock star kitty and I just want to squeeze her all the time.

And a flight has been booked to visit my bestie Martini in a little over 3 weeks. I haven’t visited her in a while and I am so excited to be in warm weather! It’s essentially going to be a 60 hour sleepover. Boys not allowed. However, Pixie-stix and simultaneous Pinterest pinning are. I can’t wait.

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