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Vegas, baby, VEGAS.

Posted 05 Dec 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category I am awesome, other people are awesome

I’ve been bad at blogging. This week has been long and rough. Headaches and ill-functioning organs have plagued me for the past couple of weeks. Today, I feel better. I even just ate Chipotle without it causing any explosive results. (So far.) TGIF.

ANYWAY, the post title. I’m going to VEGAS! Woo-HOO! One of my BFs Angie and I have decided to take a weekend vacay in January. My other BF Martini is more than likely joining us as well. What better way to celebrate Martin Luther King day than gambling and drinking! Screw the economy. I’ll win something…right? Angie and I haven’t been on a trip together since the spring of 2002, when we drove to Clearwater, Florida in my trusty Honda Civic with a couple other gals. That was a trip. However, we’re older and wiser now. And less likely to don a bikini. And thus, we shall base a trip on drinking, shopping and gambling. Man, I’m turning into my grandmother.

In Christmas shopping news, I’m nearly done. I need to get a gift for my dad, and then I’m finished. YESSS. Most of my gifts are wrapped, but due to unruly cats, we can’t put them under the tree, unless I want to wrap them again. Jerks.

3 weeks from today, I’ll be home, Christmas will be over, and I’ll have time to just relaaaxxxx. Excellent. Then…skiing/snowboarding in Lutsen over New Years, and then Vegas!!!