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The great wig fiasco of 2008.

Posted 29 Oct 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category other people are morons

Well, readers…I’ll preface this story by saying – people are idiots.

What occurred this past week in regards to my beautiful Marie Antoinette wig can be described as nothing short of a perfect storm of stupidity.

I ordered the wig from a reputable wig company (in hopes of not getting screwed over) on October 17th. The wig was spendy (making me believe it would be good quality) so I indicated I wanted it shipped to my work address, to avoid having a package possibly sit on my doorstep in rain and/or snow.

A week passes and no wig. Monday, I emailed the company asking for the tracking number – I get the number Tuesday – it’s apparently already been delivered. TO MY HOUSE, and LEFT AT MY BACK DOOR. Uh…no. It’s not at my house.


Thanks, little high school shits that had to OPEN THE BACK GATE and trespass onto my property to steal a box that contained a powdered wig.


So, after I realize all this, I call the company to yell at them for delivering it to the wrong address, where I’m told that the “woman who deals with this isn’t here today – can she call you tomorrow?”


I order another wig (cheaper) from another company and pay to have it shipped express, TO MY WORK the next day.

[I have it now. It’ll do.]

I called the original company…AGAIN, since no one called me back…and apparently this chick isn’t there today either.

To wrap up this post – let me point out the idiotstorm of events that took place.

1.) The wig company ignored something known as the shipping address and just mailed it to where ever they felt like.

2.) UPS not only didn’t leave a package note on my front door, they didn’t get a signature, and LEFT A BOX SITTING AT MY BACK DOOR FOR ALL TO SEE.

3.) The wig company doesn’t really seem to care all that much that I really don’t need a Marie Antoinette wig after Halloween, thank you very much, but are more concerned about having ME do all the legwork to file a claim for the package. NO – you SOBs, I want my money back and if UPS can find the damn thing, you can keep it. I don’t plan on wearing it again after Friday night.

The end.


The shoes.

Posted 27 Oct 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category retail therapy

I just bought a pair of shoes for my costume…and I think they’re super cute, but I’m questioning the openness of them (the strappy sandal/open toe thing) since I’m wearing thigh high white stockings.


The unveiling.

Posted 23 Oct 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category cancer sucks, I am awesome, other people are awesome

So, here it is.

I thought walking 60 miles hurt.

I was wrong.

That was nothing compaired to the pain of a foot tattoo.

But I love it. It was worth every painful minute.

Walk Run to Uptown Tattoo and make an appointment with Zack. You won’t be sorry.

I’m a bad blogger.

Posted 21 Oct 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category house stuffs, retail therapy, the cats

I know, I know…I’ve been less than active in the posting department.

So, what’s new? My weekend at home was AWESOME. I slept in, got the house clean…and laid around. It was heaven.

Friday, I found my Halloween costume, at last.

And other accessories, of course. I’m very excited. I’m planning on doing up my neck, decapitation style. So I’ll be sexy AND gory! The best of both worlds. :)

Hmmm, what else. My poor sweet Milo (the cat) spent the night at the UofM Small Animal hospital, in anticipation of some procedures he’s having done today, like a CAT scan (ba dum bum) and a rhinoscopy. His poor sniffer is still not working right, so hopefully they find something, and not something too serious. I kept having dreams about taking him to kitty chemo. :( I’m still waiting to hear from them about what time he’ll be going in, as well as waiting for the findings and when I can pick him up and bring him home.

What else…tomorrow is tattoo day. I’m a little nervous, to say the least. I’ve heard foot tattoos hurt pretty damn bad, but I figure, if I survived the walk, I can survive a tattoo. I’ll fill in how that goes tomorrow. I’ll take a picture too. :)

This weekend, a wedding, corn maze, and birthday party.

So tired.

Posted 14 Oct 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category marriage, The Hubs

The husband and a few friends went to see Broken Social Scene last night at First Avenue. If you ever have an opportunity to see them live, I HIGHLY recommend them. I have photos – I’ll post them later.

Anyway – the show was a late one – wrapped up around 1:00am. We got home around 1:30 and went straight to bed….where the husband proceeded to snore regardless of sleeping position. So – I think I was asleep by about 3. Then this morning, he was hungover and crabby – and throwing things because he couldn’t find the Twins hat he wanted to wear.

However, all was redeemed because he sent me a link to a story about a CSI exhibit that’s going to be at the science museum starting tomorrow. I’m so there.

So, yeah. Not much happening. I’m just glad to be back home, and will stay here until Christmas. No more weekends away for a while.