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Resolutions, part deux.

Posted 05 Jan 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category I am a moron, I am awesome
  1. Pay off debt.

    We have debt. Lots of it. More than I thought we would ever have. Thus, I wish to pay it all off. Hopefully, with my promotion and the husband’s dream job, we’ll be able to take care of it by mid-summer. I cannot wait.

  2. Fix up the damn house already.There’s about 400 minor things I’d like to do to the house that I haven’t done yet. Like paint the kitchen, guest room, (basically the whole house), insulate the attic, replace the backdoors, etc. A lot of them are cheap, but I just haven’t taken the step to do it. I’d like to spend every weekend tackling a new project (or at least continuing the previous weekend’s project). We have plans for later this year, and I’d like to get the little things out of the way before then. :)

So, there you have it. My New Year’s Resolutions. And I blogged two days in a row! In your face, Internets.

Another belated new year’s post.

Posted 05 Jan 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category I am awesome, other people are morons

The obligatory New Year’s Resolutions post.

I decided to actually make a list of 5 this year so that I can check back and see if I’ve actually kept up. So can the internets, for that matter. So, if anyone stumbles upon this blog and wants to be a douchenozzle and call me out for not keeping my resolutions, they can. Jerks.

  1. I will blog more.

    I just bought a new charger for my laptop (which Apple WAY overcharged for, after making rude comments about my “OLD” laptop), so I have no excuse not to blog all the time. However, this experience was not without annoying-ness. I had to drive to the Mall of America to get it. And then deal with idiots at the Apple store.

    Me: Hi, my charger broke for my iBook and I’d like to get a new one.

    Annoying 20 year old Apple chick: A MacBook?

    Me: No, an iBook.

    A2YOAC: OH. You mean, an OLD one. The white and like, thick laptop?

    Me: Uh, yeah, I guess. I mean, it’s not that old. I bought it like, 3 years ago.

    A2YOAC: Yeah, well, we don’t keep accessories for old Apple items on the floor. We’ll have to pull it from the stockroom. (at which point she ignores me and goes back to selling someone a $8 gagillion dollar PowerMac.)

    Me: (glaring)

  2. I will lose 10 pounds.

    Most people who know me are probably thinking – uh, what? I’ll just say this. All of you see me with clothes on. I’ve become a squishy, flabby mess in my mid-section. Thank GOD I keep skinny everywhere else so it’s really not noticeable.Regardless of my midsection, I really do want to tone up and be more healthy. My plan of having training for the 3-Day take care of my flab is OUT the window. So, now – eating more healthy and getting in shape. This includes removing soda and McDonald’s from my diet. You’re OUT! Aufiederzein.
  3. I will read more.

    I haven’t read a whole book in a while. I was in a book club, if you remember, but with our only having one car, and book club being a ways away once a month – it never happens. I’m going to try to read at least a book a month.
My other 2 resolutions will be continued….tomorrow. :)

A new year…

Posted 03 Jan 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category house stuffs, the cats, The Hubs

Since I was off in the chilly, snowy north while the world (and blogging world) were ringing in the new year, I decided I’d take the time to do what everyone else has done. My list of the best and worst of 2008. The reasons I’m sad to see the year end, and more than happy to see it go.

The best of 2008

  • The hubs and I enjoyed our first full year of wedded bliss, and our first full year of home ownership. Both went well, without any major improvements or repairs necessary in either area. :)
  • I left the country again for the second time in over ten years, and got to see Costa Rica for the first time. I celebrated my own marriage and one of my best friend’s marriages there.
  • I regained my sanity by giving birth control the boot, and I’ve been enjoying my hormone-free life ever since. AND I’ve managed no accidents in the meantime.
  • I signed up for, trained for and completed the Breast Cancer 3-Day. One of the biggest accomplishments of my life thus far.
  • The husband was hired for a dream job, and I FINALLY got a promotion after almost 5 years at my current job and 2.5 years in my current position. (The promotion just happened a couple weeks ago – I haven’t even had a chance to blog about it yet!)
  • Got a new tattoo.
  • Voted in an election for a candidate I really cared about, and actually had him win.
  • I got bangs, and they actually work.

The worst of 2008

  • I’ve gained over 10 pounds. It shows no sign of letting up either.
  • We’ve spent over FIVE THOUSAND dollars on our cats’ health this year. And thus nearly doubled our credit card debt.
  • My aunt passed away after a 3 year battle with breast cancer.
  • I lost a whole bunch of money with the economy in the shitter.

Here’s to you, 2009. Let’s make it a better year than 2008. :)