Things you forget when you’re a (temporary) SAHM.

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Posted 11 Feb 2010 in other people are morons

People can be effing rude.

When you’re at home in your safe haven of stuffed animals, cooing babies and Days of Our Lives…you forget what complete jerks some people are.

Example: While walking to an elevator bank, the elevator doors opened and 2 people walked inside. I started to hustle to catch the elevator, and the doors begin to close. Do either people inside attempt to hold the effing door? No. They watch and more than likely have a good subconscious laugh at the out of shape lady running frantically to catch the thing before the doors close completely.

Now, I’m the girl that holds doors, helps an old lady and allows people to “cut” in front of her while driving. I’m a big fan of karma – I do nice for other people and nice things will happen for me in return. So, when assholes allow elevator doors to close in my face – you bet I’m half wishing that elevator accidentally drops a few floors before regaining control, forcing the occupants to walk around with pee pants for the rest of the day.

And then I remember that I have to raise my daughter to try to be a nice person when you’re surrounded by douchebags. It’s not going to be an easy task. But I will. Because that’s the way I was raised. I was raised not to be an ass. And look how awesome I turned out!

{pause for heads to nod in agreement}


  1. KELSEY C.

    seriously. people are SO rude. this post is perfect. i can't get over the not holding the door open thing…especially when i am hands full pushing a stroller, and rude people walk right by.

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