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Dear Slim Fast Bar…

Posted 06 Jan 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category not so much

You made me a promise. A promise of controlling my hunger for 4 hours. Yet here I am, 2.5 hours after consuming you, and I am EFFING STARVING. What gives? I saved you from a dusty shelf at Rainbow Foods, and yet…you betray me.

Well, Slim Fast Bar, try this on for size; your partner in crime – Slim Fast Shake – treats me WAY better than you do.

So here’s the plan – either you start doing your damn job, or you’re getting tossed in the trash. (Which won’t be easy since you were so damned expensive.) I’ll do it. Don’t tempt me.


Squishy McSquisherson.

This is not reality.

Posted 11 Dec 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category not so much, the cats

Take note. The above picture is the exact opposite of the cats in our household.

After the last couple of months of vet visits for my sweet little Milo, today I must take Boo the hellcat to the vet. He has an inner AND outer ear infection that may require fluid to be removed. (Read: suck more money out of our credit cards.)

I can’t even get over it. The amount of time I’ve spent at the University of Minnesota Small Animal Clinic this year is ridonkulous. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for all they’ve done for us, but I’d also really like that $4,000 back, thankyouverymuch.

What makes today even more fun than previous visits is that I got to start it out with over an hour of freeway driving this morning so I could have the car. That’s not a good way to start the day – especially when I usually start it out by falling asleep as the train takes me straight to work.

Here’s my half-assed optimistic thought for the day; 2008 has fucking SUCKED. Therefore, 2009 has to be a better year. There’s no way a year could suck anymore than this one did. So…three more weeks until everything gets better.

(And anyone who thinks I’m saying this year has sucked because my cats have been sick and are a black hole for money can SUCK A FAT ONE because it’s so much more than that.)

Sorry this post is so bitchy. I’ve just really had it up to here.

All it took was one picture.

Posted 21 Nov 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category cancer sucks, not so much

The husband’s siblings are in town as of yesterday, and so we brought our wedding album to his parents house to share since they don’t live on the mainland and hadn’t seen them yet.

We were leafing through, and in one of the “collage of faces” pages, there was my Aunt Julie. It made me stop breathing. I didn’t remember her being in the album.

We looked at the final edits book as well, and there were a few pictures of her there too.

I was just fine at their house, but as soon as I got in the car to drive home, I just started to bawl. Out of nowhere. I wasn’t holding it in or anything. I think once my subconscious realized that I was alone – everything came out all at once.

I haven’t cried like that since the weeks following her death. I kept thinking about Thanksgiving for my family (I won’t be home), and then Christmas, all without her. It still doesn’t seem like she’s really gone.

I miss her.

My comb is a jerk.

Posted 05 Sep 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category not so much

I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a few gray white hairs on my head. They’re mostly confined to the crown and are fewer than 10 in number.

On any given day, I usually only see one…if any. I don’t mind.

However, for whatever reason, I can see 5 of them in my part today. FIVE. They’ve given up on hiding. Maybe because my 28th birthday is a mere 8 days away.

Quit reminding me, mother nature. I’m well aware that you’re no longer on my side.

I hate days like these.

Posted 04 Sep 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category not so much, other people are morons

I’m fucking crabby and pissed at everything. Everyone I talk to today irritates the hell out of me.

I just had 5 days off of work and I already feel like I need a vacation.

I’m crabby because of my job. I won’t get into specifics since who knows who reads this thing, but I’m so frustrated with it that I just don’t know what do to anymore.

I feel like I’m being the typical woman, being crabby about something and just hoping that “the man in my life” will notice and ask “What can I do to make you happy?” and then listens and then actually does something to make things better. Although, it’s not like “the man in my life” isn’t already aware of the things that frustrate me. He just chooses to ignore them – and waits for someone else to take care of it.

Alright, enough about my job.

The fucking RNC is bugging me too. I hate to generalize, but I dislike most Republicans. I really dislike Sarah Palin. She sucks and gives women a bad name. Not to mention she reminds me of this lady on SNL.

There are Republicans EVERYWHERE in Minneapolis. I think that’s making me crabby too.

However, Jon Stewart makes me happy. Last night’s Daily Show was absolutely hilarious. I suggest you watch it. And watch it now.