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Posted 09 Dec 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
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Ladies and (if any) germs, she’s back.

My bestie, known on the interwebs as Martini, is back in the blogosphere once again.

You should read her blog. She’s funnier than I am. (I know you’re thinking HOW IS THAT EFFING POSSIBLE? It’s true. Just read her first post.) DO IT.


Posted 08 Jul 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
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This week I’ve been in a minor panic about BlogHer and getting stuff together and OMG WHAT DRESS WILL I WEAR blah blah blah…bitching about money “I don’t have” and just complaining about random things in general.

Today, I stumbled upon this tweet:

(go ahead and click that image – it’ll take you to the link/blog in question.)

So easily I forget that there are others that are so much less fortunate than I am.

Consider this a “Thankful Thursday” post. I am SO thankful that the hubs and I have what we have. I don’t always remember that we’re lucky. So very, VERY lucky. We don’t have everything we want. But we always have what we need. And that is awesome.

I spared $20. Better she get it for her family and that I don’t go blow it at Target on more sponge rollers that I can’t figure out how to use. Or something.

So please, if you have a moment, hop over to The Atomic Mom’s blog and share some words of encouragement, or maybe just a little of your paycheck if you can.

Babies and explosions.

Posted 25 Jun 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
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So, it’s fireworks season. Abbers had her very first fireworks experience last night. It was small, didn’t go airborne, and wasn’t that loud. She did fine. However, we’re thinking about bringing her to the park next weekend to see the fireworks with us. Good or bad idea? Parents of toddlers, did you bring your baby to fireworks? Was it a mistake or did they love them? I hope she would love them as much as I do. But, the kid broke into hysterics when the family yelled “SURPRISE!” at my mother-in-law yesterday for her birthday. (Happy birthday, Chris!) SO…I dunno if large explosions featuring colored swaths of light in the sky are the greatest idea.

Tell me how it went for you and your bebehs!

I even had it marked on mah calendar!

Posted 23 Jun 2010 — by Mrs. Jenna
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The blog reset happened on Sunday.

I’m all, “La, la, la…it’s Father’s Day!”

when I should have been


So yeah. Could you vote for me a couple hundred (thousand) times? Grassy ass.

Vote For Us @ TopBaby Blogs! The Best Baby Blog Directory

(click it. pretty please.)

Prepare yourselves.

Hey! Do you follow me on Twitter? I hope so. If you don’t, YOU SHOULD. Because Thursday, I’m leaving on a long weekend trip to visit my bestie Amanda. (You should follow her too. I guarantee there will be hilarity via Twatting.) (Wait, her account is locked down. I’ll have a chat with her about this.)

Anyway, YES! I have a weekend away from home, meaning a weekend away from the hubs and Abbers. I will miss them both very very dearly, but OH MY GOD do I need a girls weekend. It’s been no secret I’ve been in The Funk lately and I’ve had just about enough of it. I’ve been trending towards more of the happys lately, but I think this weekend might just help. Or being away from my little family will send me in a downward spiral of despair. Whatevs. There’ll be shopping and lots of the drink so I’m sure I’ll cope somehow. :) (No, family members reading this, I’m not an alcoholic. Yet.)

SO – tune into Twitter starting Thursday afternoon. I’ll be twittering lots and lots until Monday when I return. I’ll be flying to Phoenix, going to an 80s themed happy hour, driving to historic Prescott, AZ…and seeing Sex & The City 2. Then somehow finding my way through the Sky Harbor Airport in a massively hungover state to fly back home.

Speaking of Sex & The City 2, have you seen this video? I swear to you it is the funniest thing I have ever seen. I’ve watched it a million times and tears come to my eyes EVERY SINGLE TIME. So…watch it. And follow this guy on Twitter.

PS – Got the kitchen painted. THANK THE GODS. It looks awesome, btw.