20 minutes of terror.

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Posted 08 Dec 2006 in I am a moron

Okay – I have to let you all in on my 20 minutes of terror this morning.

I get up, get in the shower, and within like, 2 minutes of showering realize my engagement ring is not on my finger. I check my other hand for rings (wondering if I had for some reason taken them all off before going to bed) – but they were all there. Engagement ring = missing. My plan of having enough time to shave my legs is thrown out the window – did I even condition my hair? Who knows.

I rush out of the shower and check the possible spots I would have left it and it’s not there. It’s slowly occurring to me that I TOOK IT OFF IN MY SLEEP!!! WHAT?! Then I start crying and flash back on the gorgeous star sapphire ring my parents gave me on my 16th birthday and how I managed to lose that within 2 weeks of getting it. Lo and behold, after 20 minutes of tearing all the bedding off and ransacking the house, the fiance picked up a throw rug in our bedroom and it rolled off.

Uh, yeah. So – I TOOK MY RING OFF IN MY SLEEP. Please, please tell me someone else has done this before. I may need to glue this thing on.

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