EXCELLENT concert.

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Posted 05 Jul 2007 in uncategorized

The fiance and I went to the police concert Tuesday night in St. Paul. We had tickets (of the $50 variety) which placed us in the highest seat in the house, about 3 sections back from the stage. Not bad, but not sweet either. So, we get to our seats, and lo and behold…his seat is broken. eventually a repair guy comes by and fixes it for him. Shortly after the repair guy leaves, MY chair breaks. I go and complain to the usher AGAIN…and he gives us seats behind the stage, about 20 rows back! It was so awesome. Granted, we were staring at their backs the whole time, but we were so much closer, and it sounded so much better. An AWESOME show, regardless of what the idiots at the Star Tribune had to say. Here’s a good idea of where we were sitting.

So, Saturday we’re heading to Bayfield, WI for a 7.7.07 wedding. Weather looks phenomenal, so it should be a great time. :)

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