Bridge Collapse

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Posted 02 Aug 2007 in not so much, wedding whatnots

So, by now everyone in the world has heard about the bridge over the Mississippi that collapsed during rush hour. It’s a totally surreal thing when this type of event occurs within such close proximity. The hubs and I were at home about to work on assigning tables when there was breaking news about a bridge collapse. We immediately (subconsciously) assumed California or something, since everything bad seems to happen there (no offense all you Californians), and when they announced it was I-35W over the Mississippi (a mere five or so miles from our house), our jaws dropped.

“Holy CRAP” were the only words either of us uttered, but then our focus quickly turned to making sure all our friends and family were okay. Cell phones were useless at this point, as everyone else had the same idea. It was eerily similar to what happened during 9/11. (Clearly not as catastrophic, but similar circumstances.) The hubs eventually got a hold of his dad, who travels that road daily, and also confirmed his mom, sister and brother-in-law were all okay. Texting seemed to be the only means of communication, and we shot out a bunch of messages to our friends, and eventually learned everyone was safe.

This morning, everyone on my bus was chattering about it. People don’t know how to react. I found myself getting angry at a guy who was laughing about his being fortunate he wasn’t there – this isn’t a time for laughing. And after having been at work for a few hours, it’s been announced that one of our coworkers is among the missing.

I called our transportation co for the wedding this morning to settle our balance, and I suddenly felt guilty carrying on with my wedding planning when this is going on. Chatting with a few girls on the knot, a lot of other brides-to-be feel the same way.

Which brings me to why I’m posting all this. I want, I guess, the “internet community” to know that I am as affected by this as any other Minneapolitan, Minnesotan, and maybe even American. But life must go on. So, in the coming days, if I post about being crabby about tulle not cutting as cleanly as it could, or being stressed about putting together table assignments or assembling programs – I know very well things could be much worse. And I thank whatever God it is that will listen that I’m able to marry the man that I love next weekend and have all our friends and family with us on that day.

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