Ugh, I need to keep my mouth shut at work.

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Posted 18 Oct 2007 in house stuffs

SO, I know they’re just being “interested” and are “supporting” me with this house process, but I’ve got about 5 people asking me “any word?” “hear anything?” and I clearly haven’t heard or I would have said something!

Then, a dude just said (and he prefaced it with a “I know it’s none of my business, but…”) “You do know your utilities are going to go up, along with water bills and whatnot, right?”

Thanks, Dad.

I mean, seriously. We’ve been house hunting since last July, I think I’ve gone over the numbers a couple times. We’re gonna be broke. I know. Maybe someday I’ll get a promotion or a raise or something. But in the meantime, the hubs and I will be more than happy spending all of our time in our new home, wherever that may be. There’s a reason we pre-ordered Guitar Hero III for our Wii. We will be surrounding ourselves with the internet and video games, like all perfect newlyweds do.


I mean, we’ll spend our time in our new home staring lovingly in each other’s eyes, dreaming of babies and kittens and love. (I can’t even TYPE that without laughing!)

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