Freakin snow.

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Posted 03 Dec 2007 in house stuffs, The Hubs

So, we got snow this weekend. Of course, as usual – about 4-6 inches less than what they forecasted. But it was annoying none the less. I can’t wait until we move and are no longer on a busy street. The plows must have come by about 40 times during the night on Saturday and woke me up everytime. Our car drove well though. First time out in the snow! Although I do miss the civic every once in a while, I didn’t this weekend.

Of course we didn’t get much done in the way of packing. I refuse to be unprepared when the time comes. I don’t want to throw things in boxes without organization and labeling. The hubs totally doesn’t believe in my form of packing. He prefers the “grab what you see and dump it in a box and figure it out later” technique. The thought makes my stomach turn. I guess I’ll have to be the smart one and start things myself.

All I got done this weekend was taking down the sheers and the curtain rods holding them from the bedroom, and also washed the curtains. That’s it. Our apartment is a PIT. It’s embarrassing. Neither of us care about keeping it clean anymore.

So, instead of packing yesterday, the hubs and I went and got lunch, and then went to Fleet Farm. If you’ve never been, it’s an awesome store. I probably like it more than most since my dad dragged me there every weekend growing up. It smells like tires – and I love that smell. :) ANYWAY, we each bought a new pair of winter boots – they were all on sale! I bought these. Yes – they’re Sorels, for those who know. I love them. I ALMOST wore them to work today, then realized I’d have to tote another pair of shoes with me and then changed my mind. I wore my ski socks instead. My feet are still cold.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. My friend Rachael started a ladies book club called “Reading is Sexy” and tomorrow is the first night we meet. We’re all supposed to bring a list of books and a beverage to share. I’m so excited – this means I’ll be forced to read. I LOVE reading, and just don’t because I’m lazy and have too much stuff on my mind.

Back to work. Envision if you please little me, sitting at my desk, with a scarf, down parka and ski socks on. Welcome to my every day. :)

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