Half packed.

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Posted 10 Dec 2007 in house stuffs

So, instead of spending the WHOLE weekend packing – we spent about 5-6 hours packing on Saturday. We made a decent dent, but still have the kitchen, half the bedroom, and the storage space in the basement left.

I didn’t get a chance to actually count my shoes because my husband packed them, but I packed 2 medium sized Home Depot boxes full of them, as well as my suitcase. The hubs freaked out. He just kept saying “I’ve never even SEEN you wear these!” Whatever – I love them all. And in a few short days, they’ll all be laid out to be loved again in the attic (AKA – my new closet). It’s finished, could be a bedroom, but since we don’t need it as a bedroom – it will be my office and closet. SO STOKED.

The sellers contacted our Realtor asking if we’d be interested in buying their TV they have in the basement – it’s like a 42 inch HD rear projection TV. We said maybe – depends on their asking price. We were thinking about getting a plasma at some point – but this would allow us to same some money for a while – maybe get a plasma next Christmas then. We’ll see. Kind of cool though.

So – to wrap the weekend up, the toilet started to run in our apartment. (Better go catch it! Ba-dum-bum.) A kind of “run” that jiggling the handle couldn’t cure, and was about to keep both of us awake. So, at midnight, I was attempting to be resident plumber and fix it. My “professional opinion,” after sticking my hand in the seriously ice cold water, was that since the air temp was so cold, the frigid water hardened up the flap in the bottom of the toilet. (Thanks Dad for all the Tom-Boy lessons) – so I rigged it so the tank wouldn’t fill up again. And called the landlord – who hasn’t acknowledged our notice yet. He’d better recognize – we move in 5 days!!!

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