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Posted 14 Jan 2008 in retail therapy

This blog title is brought to you by the following skit by one of my favorite comedians – Nick Swardson.

(Oh yeah – unless you have headphones, it’s NSFW.)

So anyway – not much to report from the weekend. We went to see The Orphanage Friday night – VERY VERY good. Pretty scary. Saturday, uh….I sent back my plethora of dresses to VS and Bluefly, and then went grocery shopping. Hung out and tried to ignore the drumming and loud music being played by the husband and his friends (they were actually quite courteous and I actually got to sleep around midnight). Yesterday, we didn’t do much either, although we DID get the Christmas tree taken down, finally. NOW my house feels normal. I’ll start taking new photos of the inside soon. I know you’re all (all three of you) are dying to see what it looks like.

So, yeah. Uneventful weekend, but that’s good. I have a lot of packing in front of me this week. We leave on Sunday! Woo hoo!!

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