Coming clean.

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Posted 24 Mar 2008 in baby business, marriage

Alright. It’s confessional day on Blogged Bliss. I know many of you who read personally…and a handful of you I don’t. But I have a secret only a couple of you are aware of…and I’ve gotten to the point where I’m tired of hiding it.

I’ve got baby fever.

::deep exhale from weight lifted off shoulders::

Any of you who do know me know this might be the most opposite of anything you’d ever think would come out of my mouth (or fingers) – aside from me announcing I was getting married.

I was the girl in grade school, and I think even high school – where I was stoked to be a single girl forever living in a fancy loft in a big city, with my babies being my cats. The only part of that that’s true is the big city. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely happy with the way my life has turned out – it’s just weird how my idea of my future changes with every year.

The hubs and I have talked about having kids just about as long as we’d discussed getting married. It was inevitable that we were going to get married, and the same applies to having kids. We finally kind of decided that we are going to start trying later this year. I’m both deathly afraid and totally elated about getting pregnant. And I’m also extremely scared that for whatever reason I won’t be able to.

Okay. That’s enough on that topic. I could go on and on about it…but I’d rather not be that girl.

Also – don’t be confused. I still get crabby with screaming babies and annoying brats. They’re not all cute. I don’t want them all. I just think it’d be kinda cool to have my own someday.

And, discuss.

Baby fever – get it?! Oh, my sides.

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