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Posted 18 Mar 2008 in house stuffs, the cats

…that when nothing goes on in your life, it’s hard to blog.

I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

I mean, I DO things, but do these things warrant a post in my blog?

The only thing post worthy is that a notable Minneapolis gang chose to tag our garage. I’m pretty sure they’re laying claim to our garage, as well as dissing another reputable (well, maybe not reputable) Minneapolis gang. Can you imagine? All on our garage?! It’s pretty sweet. I think it’s in grease pen so it should be easy to remove, since our garage isn’t sided with fancy vinyl siding.

What else…what else. ::drumming fingers on table::

Going home for Jesus’ resurrection this weekend. Not really long enough to hang out with friends, which is a bummer.

Miles the cat is illin’ as of late. The herp is flaring up in him again, probably brought on by his recent wellness check at the vet. I take him there, they tell me he’s fine, and then he gets sick from the stress of being at the vet. Catch-22 I suppose. He was all sneezy and stuffy and unable to breathe, so I went to Target last night and bought a humidifier for him. :) I put it on my side of the bed because he always sleeps on me at night – I think it helped, he seemed a little better this morning.

Book club is meeting at my house tonight. Eighty more pages to read in “Atonement” before they get there. I also have to clean before they arrive. Maybe I should leave work early. Hmmm. Hoping Miles is a little better this evening so he’s not walking around sneezing on strangers. The ladies will think I have a weird house of cats – BooBoo will be hissing and scratching them while Miles sits and sneezes his herpes snot everywhere. I love my boys. :)

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