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Posted 18 Jun 2008 in other people are morons

Mrs. Jenna – 0
Dentist (named Crentist?) – 2

Today I had a second crown done at my dentist. (I was just checking to see if I posted about my first one but I don’t see it!) Anyway, the teeth were right next to each other. I felt so retarded leaving the docs office with my “fat lip.” It wasn’t half as painful as the first time, but equally if not more painful to my pocketbook.

The dental assistant may have been the most annoying woman on the planet. She kept cracking horrible jokes, “acting cool” (not that I am, but kind of the “Mom, you’re embarrassing me!” kind of act) and just being weird. Then she started talking about the vampire romance books she reads. THANK GOD I had miscellaneous crap in my mouth preventing me from being able to speak. However, this encouraged her to speak more.

So, to contribute to the horrible conversation, I mention that I’ve read some Anne Rice, but not in a while. She then asks, “who’s Anne Rice?”

Uh, what?

How does someone who enjoys “vampire romance” books not know who Anne Rice is?! Isn’t she the queen?!

Then she started talking about Harry Potter and other such “fantasy” books and I tuned her out. It was becoming painfully obvious she works at the Renaissance Festival on the weekends or something.

And now, back home…6 hours since the dentist…and my mouth is FINALLY back to normal, and not in too much pain.

(Go Celtics!)

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