Summertime Sickies SUCK.

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Posted 30 Jul 2008 in not so much

What’s the date today? Oh, that’s right it’s July 30th – almost AUGUST.

And I’m sucking down Halls as if they’re going out of style. Why, you ask? Oh, because I have a SORE THROAT. IN JULY. This is such bull. People aren’t supposed to get sick in the summer. That’s what winter is for. Everyone walks around sniffling and sneezing on each other, but that’s totally cool because no one wants to leave the house during the winter. Unlike summer, when I have to walk 83,028 miles to train for the 3-Day and would also just like to feel well so I can enjoy the nice, beautiful weather while it lasts. September is just a little over a month away, meaning it’ll snow in like 3 months.

FU cold. Or whatever is causing my sore throat. FU!

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