Another anniversary.

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Posted 25 Aug 2008 in RAD

It was a year ago today that I was made the happiest girl – the second time in a month. A few weeks after I got married, my favorite band on the planet played at my favorite venue on the planet.

Queens of the Stone Age at First Avenue in the MPLS.

It was a day sent from God, if there is one.

I was a giddy little schoolgirl. My friend A and I had tickets – later, the hubs got a ticket (as did a couple other folks) to join. A and I squeeled for like, 2 hours during the show. Mind you, we had just seen them the night before at Alpine Valley when they opened for Rage Against the Machine. It didn’t matter. I was so close. SO close. The photo above was taken from where I was sitting at First Ave (for those in the know, I was sitting on the ledge – best seat in the house if you ask me).

Nothing will top that concert. I will see a lot of good shows in my day. I have seen a lot – including Radiohead at Alpine Valley, David Bowie, the Pixies – they all are awesome. But in my own music review website called my brain – this will be number one.

In my little cube in corporate America, I have the poster from that show to remind me that I was there. It makes me happy.

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