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Posted 08 Oct 2008 in cancer sucks

I’ve had an appointment with a tattoo artist booked for months now. A while ago, I went in for a consult about getting a half sleeve tattoo that’s partially a memorial tattoo for Julie. I can’t commit to that much skin. I’m not ready yet.

However, I decided that since this guy is booked out almost 4 months, that instead, I’d use the time to get a tattoo commemorating the 3-Day walk – on my right foot. I’ve been planning on doing this all along, and I’ve finally figured out what to get. In fact, I figured it out in the shower this morning.

It’s going to be a pink ribbon, formed into a cursive “J”, with a safety pin holding it in the middle, giving the appearance of going through my skin. I’m so excited. I’m meeting up with my tattooer – Zach – on Friday before we leave for Sconnie for the weekend, and then my appointment is on the 22nd.

It’s the closure I need for this 3-Day, and for Julie.

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