Weekend Update.

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Posted 17 Nov 2008 in I am awesome

I miss Amy Poehler already.

Anyway, here’s a very quick recap of the weekend’s events.

  • Attended the “company party.” Here’s a word of advice for party planners. Telling all the employees to “be sure to arrive for the program at 7:30!” and then removing the bars from the party and actually holding a company meeting is NOT COOL. I’m never going again.
  • Guitar Hero World Tour is SO MUCH FUN. I heart playing drums. My goal is to be able to play the drums on hard for Everlong in the next month. Lofty goals, I know.
  • I now own a pair of skis! Yay! I also own a snowboard. I’m not very good with the snowboard, hence the skis. We’re going to Lutzen over New Years, so I plan on skiing (and maybe snowboarding) my heart out.
  • The cat piss basement is no more. I successfully “installed” new carpeting and now it’s livable again. Which is good since the Wii is down there.
  • Raking leaves SUCKS. A LOT.
  • I’m officially calling for permanent 3 day weekends. I never get enough done in 2 days.
  • I’m not going blond. I like the brown hair with bangs. It’s working for me. A coworker’s husband (who I’d never met) said I looked like a model on Friday. Score! However, he also said I had beautiful brown eyes in the same breath. (They’re hazel.) Oh well. He was old.

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