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Posted 05 Nov 2008 in blog bidnass

This is funny, and weird….and kind of scary.

I was passing a link to my blog to a friend, and I mis-typed the address.

Instead of

I typed (the s and p are switched).

Click that link if you dare.

For those that don’t dare, I’ll fill you in. It goes to “BIBLECOLLEGEONLINE.COM” the “easy to navigate MEGA-SITE of Bible, Christian, church & religious information, sermons & studies.”


Like, seriously, what?! It’s like the bible beaters registered this misspelling to redirect people trying to find my blog to theirs. As if I’m so horrid that they need to save people from my blog and tell them the stories of Jesus.



Turns out – they own – so anything with that in the URL will auto redirect to that site. I’m not the only one – everyone gets that. I guess I’m not THAT special. Oh well. :)

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