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I hate days like these.

Posted 04 Sep 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category not so much, other people are morons

I’m fucking crabby and pissed at everything. Everyone I talk to today irritates the hell out of me.

I just had 5 days off of work and I already feel like I need a vacation.

I’m crabby because of my job. I won’t get into specifics since who knows who reads this thing, but I’m so frustrated with it that I just don’t know what do to anymore.

I feel like I’m being the typical woman, being crabby about something and just hoping that “the man in my life” will notice and ask “What can I do to make you happy?” and then listens and then actually does something to make things better. Although, it’s not like “the man in my life” isn’t already aware of the things that frustrate me. He just chooses to ignore them – and waits for someone else to take care of it.

Alright, enough about my job.

The fucking RNC is bugging me too. I hate to generalize, but I dislike most Republicans. I really dislike Sarah Palin. She sucks and gives women a bad name. Not to mention she reminds me of this lady on SNL.

There are Republicans EVERYWHERE in Minneapolis. I think that’s making me crabby too.

However, Jon Stewart makes me happy. Last night’s Daily Show was absolutely hilarious. I suggest you watch it. And watch it now.

I’m so screwed.

Posted 02 Sep 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category cancer sucks, I am a moron

*not me, but may as well have been.
Number of hours (one way) to cabin: 5.5
Number of cigarettes smoked over four days: 9
Number of beers drank over four days: ?? (lost track after 20)
Number of miles walked over four days: 0
Number of weeks until 3-Day 60 mile walk: 2.5

I hope my lungs heal up before I start walking again Thursday. I’ve got 5 miles Thursday and 18 on Saturday.

How in God’s name will I ever do this walk? I was confident I could do it before last weekend.

Now I’m not so sure.

Eleven hours.

Posted 27 Aug 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category not so much, the cats

I worked for eleven hours yesterday.

I will likely work for 10 today.

Tomorrow, I’m getting Boo catheterized (to determined his possible pee-status) and similarly getting the oil changed in our CR-V.

Then, a long weekend at a cabin with friends.

I cannot wait for it. Cannot WAIT.

Another anniversary.

Posted 25 Aug 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category RAD

It was a year ago today that I was made the happiest girl – the second time in a month. A few weeks after I got married, my favorite band on the planet played at my favorite venue on the planet.

Queens of the Stone Age at First Avenue in the MPLS.

It was a day sent from God, if there is one.

I was a giddy little schoolgirl. My friend A and I had tickets – later, the hubs got a ticket (as did a couple other folks) to join. A and I squeeled for like, 2 hours during the show. Mind you, we had just seen them the night before at Alpine Valley when they opened for Rage Against the Machine. It didn’t matter. I was so close. SO close. The photo above was taken from where I was sitting at First Ave (for those in the know, I was sitting on the ledge – best seat in the house if you ask me).

Nothing will top that concert. I will see a lot of good shows in my day. I have seen a lot – including Radiohead at Alpine Valley, David Bowie, the Pixies – they all are awesome. But in my own music review website called my brain – this will be number one.

In my little cube in corporate America, I have the poster from that show to remind me that I was there. It makes me happy.

Contemplative Monday.

Posted 25 Aug 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category marriage, other people are morons, The Hubs

After reading today’s installment of my new favorite blog Dooce (see link on the left), it made me ponder all the things the hubs and I have been through in the six years we’ve been together.

Thirteen weddings – Fourteen if you count ours.
Five funerals.
College graduation.
Five family cancer diagnoses.
Four apartments.
A stolen car.
A totaled car.
Bought a car.
Bought a house.
One stalker.
Visited California, Seattle (twice), Las Vegas, Hawaii, Costa Rica, and countless trips to Wisconsin and Illinois.
Two (or three?) layoffs and the acquisition of a dream job.

It’s a whole lot. I’m sure I’m leaving some stuff out. But, it’s a lot.

I’m just reminiscent after our awesome time at the fair yesterday. I’ll have to scan and post our annual photobooth picture. It’s so cool to know that when you’ve made a decision to spend the rest of your life annoying the crap out of the same person every day that you can go through that laundry list of events above and still have fun counting douchebags during a gorgeous day at the fair. (Official count was somewhere around 34.)