ugh, gross.

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Posted 07 Jan 2009 in other people are morons

You know what really grosses me out? When people fill soda and other non-water bottles full of water, and then drink out of said bottles. Not only is it like, bacteria central, but – eww! Your Diet RC Cola was just in there. Now you’re going to drink water out of it? WTF?

I mention this because I sat across from a semi-crazy lady on the train this morning. She looked kind of like a bag lady, but a bag lady with money and a job. So, she’s sitting there, and then she pulls out what appears to be a Simply Orange individual bottle of OJ, but then…there’s no OJ in it, just water.

My stomach turns.

Then she starts drinking out of it, all the while dribbling little drops of water down her chin.

My stomach turns again.

I had nothing else to look at – no other interesting tidbit in the train to look at to divert my attention.

Then I think she saw me dry heaving. I was able to look away.

Am I the only one that is disgusted by this? Buy a damn water bottle. They’re like, $7. And you can put them in the dishwasher. Jesus Christ.

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