What have I…what have I…what have I done to deserve this?

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Posted 20 Feb 2009 in not so much

I’m fried. Second night in a row with some sort of insomnia/anxiety attack. Wednesday night I averaged about 4-5 hours of sleep. Last night? Three. Three measly goddamn hours of sleep. How am I supposed to function today? I have to work, and I have a lot of things to get done. I can’t go in late or not at all since I’m already falling short of the 40 hours of PTO I need for Mexico next week.

When I get home from work tonight…I’m getting straight into my pajamas and back into bed. I don’t even care if I eat dinner. (Well, I might care then. WHATEVER.)
I’m going to be such a bitch today. This day might need to be recorded for investigative purposes later on…

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