Called the doc.

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Posted 16 Mar 2009 in baby business


Well, I called the doctor today about the spotting I’ve been having. Here’s how the convo went:

Me: Hello – would it be possible to speak to a nurse?
Receptionist: Yes, what is this concerning?
Me: I had some spotting this weekend that was bright red, I have a yeast infection and I’m just about 6 weeks along.
Receptionist: You know, we have nurses on call during the weekend. You should have called yesterday if you’ve been bleeding.
Me: (panicking) Uh, well, it’s really just been spotting, I haven’t been bleeding.
Receptionist: Yes, but you should and can call on the weekends for this sort of thing. Let me transfer you to a nurse.
Me: (totally panicking)

Nurse: Hello! What can I do for you?
Me: (reiterates what happened over the weekend)
Nurse: Oh, that sounds pretty typical – you can get pretty irritated with a yeast infection. I’m sure it’s fine, but I’ll check with a doctor and call you back later just to be safe.
Me: (finally breathing) Thank you.

(She called back to say the MW agreed, but to call if I’m still spotting after the prescription is gone.)

So, sounds like everything is okay, although I’m having to wear a damn pad because of this prescription “cream.”

Work is fine today. I told a female coworker that works in my little “room” that I’m in. It was weird. She congratulated me, but actually saying out loud “I’m pregnant” is the weirdest of all time. I let her know since I feel like ass most days and that I felt like she needed to know since she’s managing the project I’ve been working on.

First appointment – one week from tomorrow. I finally canceled the appointment with my old NP. I felt bad. :) But aside from having to wait until FOREVER to be seen last Friday, my first experience at the new clinic was good. Not to mention it was like, a 10 minute straight shot from my house, and is also right next to the hospital I’ll be delivering at.

Also – items I purchased at this weekend.

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