So THAT’S spotting. (TMI…FYI.)

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Posted 15 Mar 2009 in baby business, not so much

After this morning, I’m realizing that my prior concerns about spotting were lame in comparison to the issues I had today.

Last night was 2 of 7 that I have to use the dreaded cream and it’s less than desirable applicator. I was moving quickly to get ‘er done as it was 1:00am and I was needing to be asleep. I’d had some cramps on and off all evening and just wanted to get some shut eye. So, needless to say I was a little less than gentle “taking my medicine.” (I kind of scraped the wall of my vag with the thingy.)

This morning, our doorbell rang at quarter to nine. The hubs and I were sleeping – and I realized I had told the previous owner to come over and pick up some mail & packages delivered for him (nevermind we’ve been living here over a year). So I fly to the door, then run around trying to find the package. I finally give it to him and he starts up a convo, and all of the sudden I start to get black around the edges and my hearing starts to go. I keep talking and then excuse myself, say goodbye and sit my arse on the couch.

It was a close call – but sitting down stopped it from happening. Although I started in on the sweats and thought I was going to barf. Then I realized all this time running around was no good for the medicine downstairs and ran to the bathroom.

There was a pretty decent amount of spotting. Like, maybe I should call the doc spotting. And then again when I went later. No cramping this morning to go with it though, and it has since stopped.

Like, honestly? I had no idea I would be this stressed about this little bean so early on. I plan on telling the nurse when I go in for my first appointment in a week about the spotting – maybe they’ll give me some peace of mind and check it’s HB or something just so I know everything’s okay. It’s just killing me not knowing.

(the bloat and boob issues should be reassurance enough…but, no.)

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