Still not sinking in.

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Posted 03 Mar 2009 in baby business

I took the digital this morning. It wasn’t a CBE one, but a FR. But, it said “YES +.”

I told my parents last night, much to the husband’s disagreement. I couldn’t not tell them though. The tequila has been flowing steadily since we got here, and we were supposed to go zip-lining today, and I figured I shouldn’t. But, I’m okay with them knowing so early. If anything were to happen, I would want them to know. They’re like my best friends.

In “WTF is going on with my body news,” my boobs hurt more now than I ever knew possible. I slept in a sports bra last night, and dread having to be without it in the shower.

But I’m so stoked. I’m pregnant.

(It feels waaaay to weird to type that.)

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