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Posted 20 Apr 2009 in baby business

One thing I never knew about being pregnant was the ridiculous pace at which one’s hair will grow. EVERYWHERE. No matter how much I pluck, I continually have the beginnings of a uni-brow. SO not cool. I also found a hair on my toe that had grown to about 1.5 inches long. ::gag::

So, already aside from my past nausea, the whole “you’re glowing” portion of pregnancy has yet to show it’s face.

Otherwise, I’ve had a weekend of not feeling super great. Granted, I’ve eaten like shit, which is more than likely contributing to my ill feeling. However, I made a vow to begin eating healthier and more often, starting this evening. I started out the day with two chocolate donuts, followed by the inevitable PB&J…which is when I started to feel like crap. So, after an hour nap, I woke up and had a bowl of chicken & rice soup, which was DELICIOUS. Tonight, a salad, and…something. I’ll figure that out in a bit.

I can’t believe I’m only a little over a week away from being 12 weeks along. The 1st trimester has really kind of flown by. I’m looking forward to actually looking pregnant and feeling better in the next few months.

Now I’m starving since I was talking about food. Time to eat. :)

(Also, I’m well aware my belly pic taking has been lame. I know. I promise you, you’re not missing anything. If anything, I’m less bloated and looking more normal. I PROMISE to take one tomorrow night before my 11 week post.)

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