So much for that.

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Posted 06 Apr 2009 in baby business, not so much

Yeah – today? Not so much. I would have been the luckiest in the world had my good day lasted through today.

Instead, I started my day out by laying in bed wishing for another 3 hours of sleep. I slept like CRAP last night (including waking up at 2am absolutely STARVING – what’s up with that?), showered, dressed, and got to work. I ate some dry Cheerios and a banana, with some water. Then, around 10:30 – I dry heave all over my keyboard. I ran to the bathroom in fear that this was it – I was finally going to barf…and then, nothing. Nothing except feeling like ass. So, I went to the little store in my building and got a chicken & stars Soup at Hand and some gingerale. It helped.

Then, around 1pm, I was starving, and yet again – nothing sounds good AT ALL. Except…peanut butter & jelly. OH MY GOD PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY. It sounds like heaven. I rush to Macy’s Marketplace (they have triple-decker PB&Js that are the BOMB) and run to the pre-made sammich section. There are none to be found. WTF. I begin fighting back tears and bile, as my stomach is reacting horribly to the thought of not eating a PB&J.

And then, there it was – the last one, hiding with some turkey sandwiches. BLISS. I nabbed some pretzels and a fountain cherry coke and I’m back to work.

That PB&J was delicious. I’d actually like another, but I know they’re gone since I ate the last one.

Today’s goal is just feeling well enough to make it through the Twins home opener. I’d REALLY like a dome dog too (think ballpark frank but plumper and THE BEST EVER) but I don’t know if my stomach will go with it. I’ll just keep my goal on staying well enough to last through the game.

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