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Posted 13 Apr 2009 in baby business

Well, I had an appointment this morning…which I, of course, was running late for. Running is the operative word in that sentence.

I had to take the bus to my appointment this morning since the hubs was already at work. I left the house, glanced at my watch, and I had ONE MINUTE until my bus came. And I had a block and a half to walk.

So I ran.

For the first time in like, YEARS.

But I caught the bus, had a mild asthma attack, and made it to my appointment on time. The Midwife I saw today was VERY nice. We chatted about my reoccurring sinus infections, my need for more calcium, and just chatted generally about my progress.

I am happy to report, that for the most part, my all day nausea is gone. I feel pretty decent aside from still being pretty tired all the time.

Anyway, she did an exam, and attempted the heartbeat on the doppler. It took her a little bit, but she found it….loud and clear. It again, was a totally surreal experience. She said it was about 165bpm, just right for this time in the pregnancy. My uterus was right where it should be and measuring well…everything is good.

The best news, she officially declared my chances of miscarriage to be less than 1%, which was almost better than hearing the heartbeat.

I also found out that my blood type is O-, so I’ll need a Rogam (sp?) shot around 20 weeks.

All in all, a great appointment. Good news was desperately needed. :)

Today, I’ll struggle through my annual review, a department meeting, and work in general. Then home for what seems to be a week of non-stop cleaning and laundry.

Even so, it’s good to be home.

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