There’s a real baby in there.

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Posted 01 May 2009 in baby business, paparazzi

And it no longer looks like Mr. Peanut.

Today we had the NT scan. It was fabulous, aside from almost peeing myself and nearly passing out from starvation.

But the ultrasound. It will never stop blowing my mind. S/he was “standing” on their head, and the u/s tech had to try to get it to lay flat so she could get some measurements. The babe cooperated, and was moving all over the place, kicking and stretching and opening it’s mouth. So bizarre. All that happening in my ute and I can’t feel a damn thing.

Smudge’s heart rate was at 157bpm, and measuring right on time for a Nov 10th due date.

Then we had to wait almost 45 effing minutes for a lab person to come and draw like, a thimble full of blood. At this point, I hadn’t eaten in two hours which clearly is a no-no. So I was on the verge of passing out and finally THEN the chick comes by to draw my blood, with no apologies for making me wait 40 more minutes than I should have.

Oh well. We got a TON of pictures of the babe, as well as a 3/4D one…all of which need to be scanned. But, I took a picture of the one above while waiting for my blood to be drawn, so enjoy that until I get the rest scanned.

Oh, and most importantly, the initial neck measurements were all normal. We have to wait a week for the results of the rest. :)

I just can’t stop staring at this picture. I didn’t want the ultrasound to end. I could stare at that forever.

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