Lesson learned, and downward dog.

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Posted 01 Jul 2009 in baby business

Today I decided to wear my beloved William Rast jeans (you will be mine, Justin Timberlake, oh yes, you will be mine) with a bella band, instead of the full panel jeans I’ve been wearing for a couple months now.

Biggest. Mistake. EVAH.

I am so uncomfortable and I look lumpy from having to have them unbuttoned. Not to mention, I can already tell that they fit differently. Those stretch marks on my thighs aren’t just a pretty decoration – my thighs have indeed grown. Huhhhhh…

Anyway, on a lighter note – I signed up for a prenatal yoga class tonight. Hooray for exercise! I’m so excited. It’s an hour and a half long, and I’ll finally get to stretch out and be amongst other pregnant ladies. Here’s hoping I can keep up and don’t manage to hurt myself. I’ll give a full report tomorrow.

And in other news – the belly pic from yesterday is up. Take a gander. I have gotten bigger in the last week. Ooooooo.

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