Nightime resting periods (aka SLEEP)

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Posted 20 Jul 2009 in baby business

It started happening last week…when I knew I wasn’t comfortable while sleeping anymore. Last night was the proof that I’ve apparently officially reached that portion of pregnancy.

I was sleeping SO WELL. Now? I’m about 5 degrees warmer while sleeping than before, limbs are falling sleep, muscles are cramping, and there is NO position that is comfortable. I feel horrible because I feel like I’m keeping the hubs awake. I also feel horrible because I am SO EFFING TIRED ALL THE TIME NOW.

I’m hoping this is just a phase that will pass in the next few days…I’m traveling the next two weekends, which usually means disrupting my sleep patterns. I don’t know how I can survive without sleep.


In other news, we attempted to pick up the nursery furniture that came in (the crib and dresser) yesterday. We pulled up with our CR-V’s seats folded down, drove up to the loading doc, and just started laughing. It was painfully obvious that NONE of it was fitting in our car. It’s kind of a blessing in disguise, because I really didn’t want any of it in the room while I was painting (which will hopefully be happening soon)…and we can’t pick it up for another 3 weeks since we’re out of town the next two. Oh well. Not like we really need it yet anyway! I got a lot of spackling done this weekend, so signs of the chair rail are slowly fading away. (Yay!) I’ll post a couple more progress pics with the belly pic later.

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