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Posted 27 Jul 2009 in baby business

….NO gestational diabetes!

::cheering and applause::

However, a few less than desirable outcomes were had from this appointment.

1.) My gallbladder is acting up. What I thought was my body’s reaction to too much sodium in soy sauce (mmm veggie rolls) was actually my gallbladder reacting to my avocado consumption. So, no more avocado for me, and no high fat foods. (Which is really fine, I wasn’t really eating any anyway.)

2.) I have an effing yeast infection. GREAT. While she was checking my cervix (to make sure all these braxton hicks weren’t doing anything) she did a quick check and low and behold. The DEVIL. Argh.

3.) My iron is low. Not SUPER low (10.5), but low enough for the lab tech to recommend iron supplements.

So yeah. That’s the wrap up from my appointment. Everything else was looking great – baby’s heartrate was at 150 and everything’s measuring right on target.

Had a fun time at the cabin this weekend with the hub’s parents – sun, fishing and relaxing. It was quite nice. Made coming back to work today totally suck. :)

That’s all for now…I’ll have my 25 (!!) week update later today or tomorrow. :)

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