29 weeks.

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Posted 25 Aug 2009 in baby business, paparazzi

How far along? 29 weeks.
Total weight gain/loss: About + 25 lbs, give or take a pound.
Maternity clothes? Yes. Yes indeed. My “large shirts” (non-maternity) I bought earlier in the pregnancy are starting to not be so large anymore.

Stretch marks? I can’t bare to even look at my thighs anymore. So I’ll continue to enjoy my stretchie free tummy.

Sleep: Not so good the past few nights. Cannot get comfortable. Where can I put my arms where they won’t fall asleep?!

Best moment this week: Hmmm. I guess NOT going into labor at the cabin was pretty cool.

Movement: Yes’m.

Food cravings: Everything high fat. EVERYTHING. I always want what I can’t have…

Gender: EVERYONE and their mom says girl. This week I’m kind of leaning boy again.

Labor Signs: See a couple posts below. The BH are fighting with my gallbladder to see which can be more annoying.

Belly Button in or out? Both. (And yes, it’s totally possible.)

What I miss: Junk food. Specifically those donuts pictured below. All I did was think about them just now, and my mouth is watering.

What I am looking forward to: My parents visiting this weekend!!

Weekly Wisdom: Gallbladders are annoying.

Milestones: Turned the corner into the 7th month!!

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