Hypochondriac, party of one.

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Posted 18 Aug 2009 in baby business, not so much

So, all weekend I’ve been experiencing what I’ve written off to be rib pain. Rib pain is to be expected when you have a tiny human burrowing in your uterus, which is slowly expanding into your abdomen and rib cage.

However, I’ve realized in the past two days that it’s really only in one location – my right upper abdomen. And after MORE consideration, it’s the same spot I experienced discomfort during my “avocado” episodes – aka Gallbladder attacks.

I pretty much just sit at my desk all day, holding onto my ribs on my right side. It’s not SUPER painful, but enough of an ache to me EFFING ANNOYING and is getting to be a bit of a worry. Today I made sure to stay away from high fat foods, and unless dinner from last night is still somehow plaguing me, I don’t understand why I’m in pain today.

Now the decision making time – do I call the doc’s office again (I did yesterday and the woman just said to avoid high fat foods, or thought maybe it was just plain old rib pain) and try to have them get me in today or tomorrow? Or just wait it out and talk to the MW on Thursday during my regularly scheduled appointment? I’m leaning towards waiting. The pain isn’t stopping me from working, and I’m not nauseated or anything. It’s really just more aggravating than anything. Fingers crossed it IS just rib pain and isn’t my gallbladder.

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