31 weeks.

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Posted 08 Sep 2009 in baby business

How far along? 31 weeks.
Total weight gain/loss: Up 25ish lbs or so.
Maternity clothes? Casual summer ended today, so I’m wearing my maternity style work pants, thanks to Mom! (I got 2 pair of pants and 3 shirts for my B-day, which is Sunday!)

Stretch marks? Belly is stretchie free!

Sleep: A little better. Was up twice last night to pee, and had my first kick that actually woke me up. That was new. :)

Best moment this week: I’m going to go ahead and say NOT going into labor over the weekend.

Movement: Oui.

Food cravings: (I’m going to leave this up because it still stands.) I would like a big slice of marble cake with vanilla frosting. (My birthday IS in 5 days. *cough*getmeacakehubs*cough*)

Gender: I’m back to girl. My Dad and MIL are the only ones thinking boy. Maybe the hubs too.

Labor Signs: See below. *sigh*

Belly Button in or out? Flat as all get-out.

What I miss: Not being scared of going into labor.

What I am looking forward to: Getting checked again. I might be the only lady on the planet who’s stoked about getting an internal. That…and making it to at LEAST 35 weeks.

Weekly Wisdom: If something doesn’t feel right – call or head to the doc. It can’t hurt.

Milestones: Making it one more week is a milestone enough. :)

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