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Posted 10 Sep 2009 in baby business

I jumped the gun on Twitter/Facebook and said that I’m now 8 months pregnant. Actually, next Tuesday I’ll be 8 months pregnant. But…technicalities. I feel 8 months pregnant so I’m going with it.

The past couple days I’ve been feeling okay. Today I feel okay too. A little crampy last night, and a little bit of an upset tummy, but I’ll attribute that to lack of relaxing. (We had birthing class #2 last night.) I’m starting to not be so paranoid, and I’m becoming more positive that I’m going to make it to the end without too much dilating, bedrest or pre-term labor. I don’t know why, but I feel like that test was a fluke. Maybe I’m just being uber optimistic. Or maybe, like SC Rep Joe Wilson likes to charge – “You lie.”

I met with an HR rep today who explained my leave benefits and short term disability blah blah to me. It’s confusing, to say the least, but I feel like I understand it much more now. The sad part is that if I should happen to go on bedrest, my time off will come out of the 12 week FMLA business, decreasing the amount of time I would get with the babe after I deliver. I could get an extension, but it needs to be approved by my boss (which I don’t think would be a problem) but it makes me sad, none the less. I’m VERY determined to work till the end…no matter when the end might be.

Tomorrow morning is my next internal. Again, very optimistic that there’s been no change since Tuesday. I’ll let y’all know what the results are when I have a chance.

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