Weekly cervix status.

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Posted 08 Oct 2009 in baby business

Here’s the stats:

Mucus Plug – gone. (Sorry, no photos to post. You’re all bummed, I know it.)
Dilated – 3cm (no change)
Effaced – 80% (thinner than last week)
Bedrest – till the end (which he assumes will be anytime between now and 2 weeks from now)
Measuring – AHEAD! more like 37 weeks.

Midwife John says he thinks my labor signs will go something like they always tell you it won’t go – a big gush of water. He thinks since I’ve been having contrax for so long I can’t rely on them as a sure sign of labor, and that since I’m dilated already, his educated guess is I’ll experience the gigantic gush of my water breaking. (EEEE!)

Obviously it could go the other way too, but he said I’m in the home stretch, pretty much. November isn’t even in the picture anymore. October is a good month to have a baby I guess. :)

I went to Target after my appointment to get some stuff for the hospital bag…and I’m paying the price now. Well, and from the internal too, I’m sure. My pelvis is on the verge of shattering. Awesomesauce.

So, that’s it for now! My shower is on Sunday, which my great friends are throwing for me, and after that shower, the hubs is planning on heading to Babies R Us to buy any necessities that we don’t have so we can be totally prepared at any point for this munchkin to come! Midwife John says that I’ll more than likely be bringing this baby home right away after I have it, so we need to be prepared!

And don’t forget to wager a guess in the baby pool if you haven’t already…or maybe change your guess if you’ve already made one!

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